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« Chuck Norris has reviewed the "Guidelines When Submitting Facts" for this website and determined that the webmaster is anal. Chuck Norris told me that the site administrator cares far too much about grammar. Chuck Norris pisses on you. Chuck Norris mocks your "one space after period rule." Chuck Norris goes on to assert that your vagina is a dirty, dirty Native American burial site.Moderator's note: We've contacted Mr. Norris about your use of his name in vain and he requested that your IP address not be banned, but instead typed into a Texas Instruments calculator so he might ingest it, gain supplemental calculating powers, and solve for m. Where m is the slope of the left leg of the triangle that forms when he roundhouse kicks your face. Then plug it back in to solve for b, which is how many congratulatory babies he eats after another job well done. »