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It's here ! Minecraft [Alpha]9#

On Thursday December 19, 2013. 22:46, by tarik, in:
Dedicated Servers(9)

Following many requests, we decided to create a new distribution specifically designed for Minecraft enthusiasts and today we are very happy to announce the first public Alpha.

The goal is to provide an easy way to install, setup and manage Minecraft worlds. it comes with a web interface that lets you start your game instances on a few clicks.

In addition, this distribution comes with "Mumble " a voice chat application server for groups to allow you to easily communicate with your friends, as well as an an FTP server to download your backups.

This distribution is based on Debian 7 (64bit ) and now available to install on any dedicated server from your Manager interface.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Note: Minecraft is is a commercial software, so it is necessary to create an account and purchase a license to use it :

Enjoy !


New Fedora 20 released "Heisenbug"2#

On Thursday December 19, 2013. 21:02, by tarik, in:
Dedicated Servers(2)

On Tuesday, the Fedora team has announced the availability Fedora 20, code named Heisenbug

Hoping Heisenbug will have fewer Heisenbug(s) :D

This release is immediately available to install from your manager interface.

Among most notable new features this version brings:

  • Sendmail no more necessary in a basic installation
  • Syslog removed fron default installation in favor of journalctl (systemd)
  • JBoss is replaced by / renamed wildfly
  • Perl 5.18, Ruby on Rails 4.0

See the full announcement for more details.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback or remarks


OwnCloud 6 now available1#

On Friday December 13, 2013. 18:35, by tarik, in:
Dedicated Servers(1)
A couple of days ago the ownCloud team officially announced the availability of the latest version of their collaboration, storage and file sharing platform OwnCloud 6.

The community did an incredible job with improving ownCloud in several areas.

- OwnCloud Documents: ability to create and edit ODF documents ( Open Document Format , used among others by OpenOffice / LibreOffice ) collaboratively - " Undelete " function to go back after deleting files - "Activity Feed " Always be aware of what is happening on the stored files and shared - More pictures: Avatars for users, preview images and documents - Improvements in performance and design.

See the official web site for more details.

ownCloud 6 is based on Debin 7 (64bits) and available on our ' ready to use distributions' web site section.

Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback.



OpenSUSE 13.1 Now Available2#

On Wednesday November 20, 2013. 22:37, by tarik, in:
Dedicated Servers(2)

The OpenSUSE project team just announced the availability of their latest version openSUSE 13.1

This release is aleady available to install from your manager interface.

Some of the highlights of openSUSE 13.1 include:

- OpenStack Havana
- A new YaST, the management tool (Open) SuSE (re-written in Ruby) - Last MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, ...

See the full announcement for more details.


OpenSSH Vulnerability57#

On Tuesday November 19, 2013. 18:07, by tarik, in:
Dedicated Servers(57)

The OpenSSH team released a security advisory about a vulnerability affecting both OpenSSH 6.2 and 6.3.

The good news is that this vulnerability only affects newer versions of OpenSSH . If you are using Ubuntu 13.10 or Fedora 19, you are likely vulnerable. All other Linux distributions available at appears to be safe. To double check, log into your server via SSH and type the following command:

# sshd -v
OpenSSH_6.0p1 Debian-4, OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013 usage: sshd [-46DdeiqTt] [-b bits] [-C connection_spec] [-c host_cert_file] [-f config_file] [-g login_grace_time] [-h host_key_file] [-k key_gen_time] [-o option] [-p port] [-u len]

If you see OpenSSH_6.2 or OpenSSH_6.3, you know you are using the affected versions.

The OpenSSH team explained the vulnerability in details in their advisory:

So if your server is affected, please update now.



Load Balancing IP4#

On Friday November 15, 2013. 20:01, by math, in:
We have launched our Load Balancing IP solution!

The Load Balancing IP is an easy to setup and affordable mean of balancing traffic across your server farm. You can monitor your server behind the Load Balancing IP to stop or resume traffic for machines depending on their availability using different mechanisms, such as ICMP (ping) or OCO probes.

Optionally, you can add an SSL certificate to your Load Balancing IP, either provided by OVH or obtained from a valid certification authority.

More information here:

For US customers, you can order the service from here: For Canadian customers, you can order the service from here:

You can then manage your Load Balancing IP from our RESTful API (
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