About Boo

The B.O.O., What is it?

"BOO" is the official Droopy's shout (example here at 4'25).Do not mistake it for the B.O.O., the "Blog Officieux OVH" (Unofficial OVH Blog) which gather all OVH team communications in a single place. The Boo also displays the OVH Flyspray, the latest forums posts, OVH servers monitoring and OVH network monitoring.


While OVH team speaks a lot about its activities (which is good), they do it mainly thru their mailing-list and forums, mixed up with members posts. So if you want to stay in touch with the latest OVH news, you would have to spend hours every day to search OVH team posts within the forum daily stream. This is too time-consuming, and this is why the BOO exists. We just gather all valuable information in a single place.


The BOO uses a high-end technology first developped at NASA. It took 3 years, with 5 seniors engineers to build this site. Every day a senior editor manually gathers each piece of information, and post it to the BOO.

Helping Us?

You like the Boo? It helps you? Here are some ways to thank us:
- Send me a $300,000 wire transfer.
- Make the Explorer CSS.
- Help your OVH customers friends : Send them the BOO Url...
- Link to the BOO from your site.
- Post a comment in this thread from the OVH forum.


While the BOO use some OVH publics RSS feeds, the BOO is not affiliate with the OVH company.

Link To Us?

You could become an international web star by linking to the Boo ( http://ovh.wxop.com ). You might even use one of the random images below.

« Chuck Norris utilizes the worlds largest Total Gym as Voltron's personal trainer. »